Política Externa e Interna da Rússia

União Econômica Eurasiática

In 2016, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), an integration association of five partner countries - Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia, celebrates its 1st year of establishment. The Treaty signed by the Heads of the States on May 29, 2014 in Astana lies in the basis of the EAEU. The Union was the next stage of development of the Eurasian economic integration. The idea was suggested by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev back in 1994. The first step involved the establishment of the Customs Union, which has grown into the Common Economic Space.

MINEPS-6 terá lugar na cidade de Kazan (13-15 de Julho de 2017)

The International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS) is a forum that facilitates intellectual and technical exchange in the field of physical education and sport and serves as an institutional mechanism for a coherent international strategy in this domain. It is the only global platform of its kind, engaging governments, intergovernmental organisations, the sport movement, academia and specialized NGOs. The outcomes and recommendations of MINEPS are continuously strengthening the educational, cultural and social dimensions of physical education and sport while guiding the implementation of effective policies and practices around the world.

Livro de condolências

A Embaixada da Federação da Rússia na República de Moçambique comunica com profundo pesar o falecimento do Embaixador da Federação da Rússia na República da Turquia, S.Exa Andrey G. Karlov, na...

Declaração do Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros da Federação da Rússia sobre o assassinato do Embaixador da Rússia na Turquia

  Em 19 de Dezembro do ano em curso foi assassinado o Embaixador da Federação da Rússia na República da Turquia, Andrey G. Karlov, vítima de um ataque terrorista em Ancara.  ...

Mensagem do Presidente da Rússia à Assembleia Federal

The principles of justice, respect, and trust are universal. We are consistent in defending these principles on the international stage, and, as we see, not without result. But we must put the same effort into guaranteeing these principles here at home, with regard to every individual and to society as a whole.

Sessão plenária da Cimeira Económica Oriental

The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) was established by a Presidential Executive Order in 2015 to promote the accelerated economic development of the Russian Far East and the expansion of international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. The EEF focuses on enhancing the investment appeal of the Russian Far East and offers broad opportunities for cooperation between Russian and foreign business partners.

Declaração Oficial sobre o Relatório da Agência Mundial Antidoping

We have always taken the clear position that there is no place for doping in sport. It endangers athletes’ health and lives and discredits fair sporting competition. We are consistent in eliminating this scourge, improve our national laws in this area, and cooperate openly with the relevant international organisations and the International Olympic Committee. We are unfailing in meeting our obligations.

Plenary session of St Petersburg International Economic Forum

I have already talked about Russia’s participation in cooperative scientific research projects, in particular with European countries. It is essential to add that we have a core advantages in physics, mathematics and chemistry. As you know, recently we honoured scientists who won the National Award, who have made brilliant breakthroughs in biology, genetics and medicine.

Article "Russia’s Foreign Policy: Historical Background" by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, published in "Russia in Global Affairs" Magazine

ur approaches are shared by most countries of the world, including our Chinese partners, other BRICS and SCO nations, and our friends in the EAEU, the CSTO, and the CIS. In other words, we can say that Russia is fighting not against someone, but for the resolution of all the issues on an equal and mutually respectful basis, which alone can serve as a reliable foundation for a long-term improvement of international relations.

Conferência de Imprensa Anual do Presidente da Rússia, Vladimir Putin

We are supporting their fight against ISIS by delivering air strikes, just as we are doing to support the Syrian army. When we see that the process of rapprochement has begun and the Syrian army and Syrian authorities believe that the time has come to stop shooting and to start talking, this is when we will stop being more Syrian than Syrians themselves. We do not need to act in their place. And the sooner this happens, the better for everyone.

Mensagem do presidente da Rússia, Vladimir Putin, à Assembleia Federal da Rússia, Moscovo

We know who decided to oust the unwanted regimes and brutally impose their own rules. Where has this led them? They stirred up trouble, destroyed the countries’ statehood, set people against each other, and then “washed their hands”, as we say in Russia, thus opening the way to radical activists, extremists and terrorists.

Participação do Presidente da Rússia, Vladimir Putin, na sessão plenária do Clube Valdai, Sochi

It is impossible to combat terrorism in general if some terrorists are used as a battering ram to overthrow the regimes that are not to one’s liking. You cannot get rid of those terrorists, it is only an illusion to think you can get rid of them later, take power away from them or reach some agreement with them. ... After Syria’s official authorities reached out to us for support, we made the decision to launch a Russian military operation in that nation. I will stress again: it is fully legitimate and its only goal is to help restore peace. I am sure that the Russian service members’ actions will have the necessary positive effect on the situation, helping Syria’s official authorities create the conditions for subsequent actions in reaching a political settlement and stage pre-emptive strikes against terrorists that threaten our nation, Russia. Thus, we help all nations and peoples who are certainly in danger if these terrorists return home.

Discurso do Presidente da Rússia, Vladimir Putin, pronunciado na 70ª Sessão Ordinária da Assembleia Geral da ONU, Nova Iórque

Russia is ready to work together with its partners to develop the UN further on the basis of a broad consensus, but we consider any attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the United Nations as extremely dangerous. They may result in the collapse of the entire architecture of international relations, and then indeed there will be no rules left except for the rule of force. The world will be dominated by selfishness rather than collective effort, by dictate rather than equality and liberty, and instead of truly independent states we will have protectorates controlled from outside.

Discurso do Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros da Rússia, Sergey Lavrov, pronunciado na "Cúpula sobre Desenvolvimento Sustentável após 2015", Nova Iórque

Russia has been funding and implementing aid projects on education, healthcare, energy, food security and infrastructure. We actively use the capacities offered by the UN Development System organisations and humanitarian agencies that provide assistance without conditions and in a politically unbiased manner. Our international development assistance is increasing. Last year it increased by over 20 percent. We have provided over 127 m US dollars through the UN system alone, and the overall ODA in accordance with OECD methodology surpassed 875 m US dollars. We will further enhance our participation in multilateral development assistance efforts.

Forum Económico do Oriente

The first Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) started work on September 3, and presents investment opportunities and projects in the Russian Far East. The forum’s main missions are to strengthen ties between the international investment community, Russian entrepreneurs, federal, regional and local authorities, provide comprehensive expert assessment of the Far East’s economic potential, and present new opportunities and conditions for investing and doing business in the region.

Documentos Adoptados na 7ª Cimeira dos BRICS na Cidade de Ufa

Ufa Declaration Ufa Action Plan The Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership   Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs...

Conferência de Imprensa de Vladimir Putin, Presidente da Rússia, após a Cimeira dos BRICS e SCO na Cidade de Ufa

The key documents that were approved by the BRICS leaders – the Ufa Declaration, the plan of action and the Economic Partnership Strategy – contain concrete agreements on the development of our association and the consolidation of its international status, and provide for comprehensive measures to deepen our coordination in foreign policy, and expand mutual trade, investment and technology exchange.

Comunicado de Imprensa após a 7ª Cimeira dos BRICS na Cidade de Ufa

The focal point was the meeting of BRICS national leaders held in a narrow and expanded formats, which are traditionally held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. We had a detailed discussion of the entire range of issues pertaining to cooperation within our organisation and adopted the Ufa Declaration and Action Plan that includes large-scale targets for the BRICS activities next year and in the long term.

"Neonazismo: Desafio Perigoso para os Direitos Humanos, a Democracia e o Estado de Direito". Relatório do MNE da Rússia.

Em 23 de Abril, no Centro de Imprensa TASS, foi apresentado o relatório elaborado pelo Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros da Federação da Rússia "Neonazismo: Desafio Perigoso para os Direitos...

Linha Direta com Vladimir Putin

Despite the significant fluctuations on the financial market, Russia’s banking sector has demonstrated good dynamics. The portfolio of loans to the real sector of the economy has grown, and what is especially good is that the overall assets of Russian banks have grown to reach 77 trillion rubles and for the first time they exceed the nation’s GDP. This is a very good index, demonstrating the stability and reliability of the Russian banking system.